Author Topic: Elecraft K3 Assembly Front Panel – Day 7  (Read 3916 times)

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Elecraft K3 Assembly Front Panel – Day 7
« on: March 20, 2013, 08:43:57 PM »
As assembly continues on the Elecraft K3 today was time to finish the back connectors and the start on the front panel – I was trying a new camera and camera position so let me say up front I’m not happy with the video but overall it will give you the view of the assembly process I was going though.

The interesting and challenging part about this is there are several places where someone that is as anal as I am about getting things lined up and cleaned properly will go crazy on this section. Getting the knobs to line up perfectly on the lines and indicators is for me very challenging. Knowing that I wanted to get this part right the first time and knowing that it’s the thing you will be looking at everyday is critical to me ☺ I know maybe not to everyone but it is to me.