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BTPost, I am interested.  Even though that is different than what I was suggesting, it could help in some way.  I don't have time to check into it today, but will look at this weekend. 

Thanks for the paper BT, hopefully I'll get to read it soon.

I put up an announcement in the licensed ham section of another prepper forum (APN) to try to get this moving.  If you are not a member there, but want to be involved, PM me here for details.  It's for licensed hams only.  Even though I am in the SouthEast and thus focused on this region, I will take submissions from other regions unless someone else wants to do those regions.

If you are in SC, Southern NC, or Northeastern GA, you can talk all over the state using the SC HEART network. www.scheart.us
The system allows you to DTMF a code and link repeaters at will. On weekends, the entire system is linked, as well as holidays for travelers. There are 2m and 70cm systems in the network. I have to say, I'm spoiled now because I can talk all over the state with my HT in most cases.

Yea, I know, and it's good, but it isn't the same thing as proposed here.


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