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I would like to get involved in, if it already exists, or work to setup a 2m ham preppers network.  By network, I just mean people working together to relay messages with or without repeaters.  I know a little about the old ARRL nationwide message system and I do not think that is the same thing nor suitable for what I would like.  Maybe we could base it on that, but I'm not sure if there is any benefit to tying it in to that.   I would need to start with people nearer me, in SC or just over the border in NC, but would like to see it expand across the SE.  We would practice in normal times so we'd be ready in a crisis.  Practice would be doing some other than just routine rollcalls that I hear around here all the time.  I am in ARES and Skywarn trained, but those do not fill the need for preppers to coordinate with each other.  I expect somone to say this should be HF based, but the point is to have a 2m alternative.  Having some who have both capabilities would be desirable, but 2m is a more realistic goal for preppers.  So, if you're interested, give me your input.

The problem with 2m is that it's 2m....  There are some good uses for it, and I think preps need to include both. For local stuff it's perfect, for anything larger or regional you need HF.

You might be interested in http://www.selinkedrepeater.net/ they will meet tonight...

The issue with 2m is that simplex you can't talk sometimes across town. You said you are in SC I am in Atlanta, certainly a doable communication range for HF, but without repeaters we might need 50 people between you and I to pass info.

If you use repeaters we may need 2 or 3 repeaters depending on coverage, of they are linked with echolink. Problem with that is you have to rely on someone elses repeater, power being on to it, and the internet being up and working to use IRLP or echolink.

With HF, my station your station, 80m or 40m and we are talking right away... It's much easier, quicker and less moving parts.

That is not to say 2m doesn't have its place, if something were to happen in metro Atlanta and the repeaters were up, I would utilize them, but having a backup with HF is mandatory.

I'd like to participate, but....

It'd have to make it all the way to Arizona  :(

I know that if I get any of my friends into ham the odds of them upgrading to general is unlikely. As much as they are like minded, I have a feeling they still won't. I, on the other hand, would like to practice this means of passing messages on 2m because, as you said, it's always good to have alternatives! That's a huge part of the way we think, if we think about being prepared.  G'luck on getting that organized and let me know of it come out to Arizona!

Eric, KF7SZX

There is a SECURE Messaging System designed specifically for Prep'ers that is being fielded for just this kind of senerio.... It is called MonkeyNet, and is associated with [url=http://www.survivalmonkey.com[[/url].  The Technology is ALL Open Source and Available to ANYONE who has an interest in SECURE Messaging.

I wrote a Secure Messaging White Paper that covers the Technology, and Implementation, of the technology, that was published back in October 2011.  It is attached here. This system does NOT focus on the Hardware Layer, but only focuses on the SECURE Messaging, as we, basically, have NO Idea, what Comms Links will be available, in any SHTF Senerios. So the idea was, to have a common Technology, spread throughout the Prep'er Communities, that would allow them to decide, with who, and when, to build a SECURE Communications Link. This technology allows for separate Groups, to have their own internal SECURE Messaging, and should they find the need to have SECURE Messaging with outside Groups, they can exchange PADs, and KeySets, that will allow for SECURE Comm Links without compromising their already setup, Internal SECURE Messaging Systems. There is nothing about the technology that must be held "Close" except the Generated PADs, and KeySets, common to both ends of the SECURE Comms Link. The technology can be distributed and used by anyone, without compromising anyone else's SECURE Messaging System. We have published the technology to Off-shore Servers, (Bit torrent, and others) so that it can't be deleted by ANY Government, Anywhere. Our Network is in Beta Testing now, and we hope to roll it out to our Vetted Members, this summer. Anyone can setup there own Network, as they may find need. I will be more than happy to work with ANYONE, who has an interest in building their own SECURE Messaging Network. Just ask...  Just Say'en.... YMMV....

We are working setting this up here on the front range of Colorado, but yes it is for short distance messaging. Our idea is that in a SHTF scenario, everything becomes much more local on a day to day basis and it would be more urgent to keep in touch over a 50 mile range for example than over an area of 100-1000 of miles.


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