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--- Quote from: winsatara on April 05, 2012, 06:21:37 PM ---umm ok, i've been net control a few times for them when they didn't have someone to step up to the plate. I did my best. :)

--- End quote ---


I thought TAPRN was only digital mode these days relying on the BBS... Let me know if they are still trying to conduct a voice net.

16BL - Sorry for delay replying. 
TAPRN has its voice net every Sunday night, no matter how many folks show up.  That never changed/went away.  I was not on this past Sunday due to being out camping with the family for Memorial Day holiday weekend, but I'm there 99% of the time (and do net control quite a bit, but not every Sunday).

TAPRN Info (for those who want it):
Sunday Night 9PM Est for the regular Net on 80 meters at 3.818 Mhz LSB (+/- 6k for QRM) (if needed, we've been lately moving up a bit). 
FYI - There is a Pre-Net ragchew scheduled at 8PM, but most of the time, folks wait until right before the regular net time of 9PM to hop on.
www.taprn.com has a chatroom that's a little active right before the regular net time (you don't have to be a member and it's anonymous, if you want it to be)

Have a good night,


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