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TAPRN is such a disappointment, they almost never get off within 40 minutes of the start time. They are all over the place, then it's only 2 people. I am not saying we are any better, but our site has only been around for 2 months or so.

umm ok, i've been net control a few times for them when they didn't have someone to step up to the plate. I did my best. :)

Yea it definately wasn't you as net control. It was an older guy in Kentucky both times I tried to tune in. They just don't have any leadership to track down a frequency hold it and do their thing.

Once I get my HF rig back from being repaired I am in.

The parts for my TS-690 will be here tomorrow, and I have one of my TS-430s just back from a tuneup and repair. It is running just like Brand New... I will be around, and listening....


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