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Fake and Fake Anderson Powerpole Comparison


I am totally confused.
I recently bought some pairs of APP from China really cheap. Upon comparison with expensive ones I got from a HAM store in Italy.
Now i think both are fake.

(Chinese APP are always with the thin wire.)

Chinese version marking matches APP website images

Italian version APP has a almost round divot

Chinese version markings matches APP website images, Italian ones are marked KS

Tips. The thin is the Italian version and it is closed on the front. The Chinese is the fatter one.

What do you think?

there are versions for 15A, 30A, and 45A (may have got the numbers wrong)
the only change from one to the other is the wire size they expect you to put into them (so the crimping works properly)
and you clearly have 2 of the 3 versions, (you do not have the highest amp version)
so it is not a quality issue you are seeing
and I am convinced that the same place makes all of the connectors, but could be I never managed to get the official ones
and if that is the case, then I don't need the official ones as the ones I have been getting are fantastic.


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