Author Topic: Own a Kenwood APRS Rig or just wanna learn APRS/ECHOLINK then check this out...  (Read 8415 times)

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This is a manual written for the TM-D710 radio when the owner/operator plans on using Echolink and APRS. Much of it is specific to the radio but generally it applies to many radio/computer configurations. It will help you understand the reasoning behind some of the APRS settings and configurations as well as Echolink operations.

The "Manual" is contributed to by the guys that wrote APRS and ECHOLINK so you will learn the real deal. Bob Bruninga, WB4APR created APRS and Jonathan Taylor, K1RFD created Echolink.
(I would like to have a copy of this in real paper form) :)

Since the TM-D710A and the TH-D72A are very closely related you can almost use the same configs item for item. If you are in to APRS there is an excellent explanation of the old PATH versus the new PATH configs. If you have read this and want more I will point you to documents put together by NWAPRS. These guys were the first to implement a very functional large scale VHF/UHF 1200/9600 baud network that served both the USA and Canada. I recently found out that one of the members that set that system up lives here in Arizona and we hope that we can setup a comparable network for the southern USA.

Here is more info about the NWAPRS group:

Yes, ECHOLINK is heavily discussed and outlined and if you have not used it before you will learn a bit more of it's functionality. If your local repeater system has an Echolink set up here is some info that might help you move around the world using the DTMF capabilities of your radio instead of jumping on using your Smartphone or PC alone.

Books I highly recommend:

One Second After
Under the Dome
Earth Abides
The Road
The Stand