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During a personal emergency or deployment on an ECOMM team, you may be face with responding to injuries before medical personel can arrive on scene.

Our new friend has a new book coming out called

The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Wounds and The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Burns

Take The Survival Doctor With You! First Interactive E- books on Sale in 7 Days

I’m so excited. After many months—really years—of preparation, I’m publishing my first two in a series of mulitmedia, interactive e-books.

The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Wounds and The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Burns will take you step-by-step through the process of evaluating and treating these common injuries—from minor, everyday cuts to life-threatening, third-degree burns. And to thank you, I’m offering a special discount for the first 24 hours they’re on sale.

About the New, Interactive Survival Books

The books, on sale next Tuesday (July 17) through, are written in the same user-friendly manner as my blog posts, but with a more thorough focus on one particular subject. You’ll learn how to evaluate an injury and treat it, and what to do if something goes wrong.

For instance, in The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Wounds:

I start with the most basic steps of how to stop a wound from bleeding.
If what I tell you won’t stop the bleeding, you can click a link to figure out why and what to do next.
I link to short videos on how to numb a wound and how to close it with staples, sutures, tape, or hair.

I explain why some wounds should stay open and when you may need antibiotics, which antibiotics work the best, and what to do if you don’t have any to take.

I suggest reading the books over a few times. I think you’ll find that easy to do; they’re not long—35 pages or less. Then keep them handy for quick reference when needed. That’s the way we doctors do it. Some things we know down pat, almost like a reflex. Other things we don’t see so often, but we know enough to go to the references.

And to thank my regular readers, for the first twenty-four hours of going on sale, I’m offering each of my e-books for $2.99 on After July 17, they’re going up. If you like them, please write a review, and tell your friends.

So, let the countdown begin. The Survival Doctor’s first ever e-books are set to launch! Are you ready?
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