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Do any of you have experience with this radio?

$150 for a 50W VHF/UHF mobile is pretty good. I'm thinking of picking up a couple of as a secondary home radio and one for the vehicle.

My friend John wrote a review.

If you do buy via amazon, you could help me out on this site by using my anazon affiliate link.

I get a few % and it would not cost you any more money. 

If you choose to help out here is that link

No obligation.   

If you get them let us know how they turn out for you.

number one thing I look for in a radio is receive current,
if it is to high, it ends up being a bad match for my solar power system
but I can't find it listed

Thanks, AD. When I purchase I'll use the link you provided. Thanks, too, for the review. It looks quite reasonable and capable for the money.


Up to now the Powerwerx DB-750 was the deal at $299

I bought one 3 years ago and am still running it in my avalanche.  Does everyband that any Baofeng will and X-Band repeat.

This is the next salvo in the lower price fully capable unit

It you get it and you feel like writing a review we can post it here and on the bolg page


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