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so I have 2 similar radios,
they are each Yaesu VX-3R
the one was made in 2008 and the other was 2013
the 2013 one works better on 2M
and the 2008 one works better on 440
signals that are S5 on one can't be herd by the other
they each get shortwave and the AM broadcast band about the same...
not sure they are equally but different broken from the factory
not that I mind so much how each one works, just that they are not anywhere close to each other
I don't have low level RF signal sources to test if they are within specification...
but does not seem like components are broken in either one,
anyone seen variations like I am seeing in other radios ?
or should I be looking harder for broken parts ?

I have already ruled out any antenna issues, batteries, and settings that may have caused this

Funny, until I read that you have ruled out antenna issues, the very first thing I thought of was to swap antennas on the units.  Other than that and swapping batteries, it's time for a call to tech support.

FWIW, mfrs do make changes during production runs, and with 5 years between build dates, it's very likely there are internal differences that would account for what you are seeing.

Hmm well, it seems like you eliminated all the variables.

Did you google the problem to see if anyone else came up with a fix?

The radios need to be tweaked by a tech, with the proper test equipment.

Maybe NOT "tweeked", but at least run thru the Receiver Test routies to see what the Sensitivity and Selectivity is for each Receiver..... Might just be an IF Filter gone south, or some such issue... Would only take 10 Minutes on my Test bench...


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