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Any new Colorado HAMS?

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It has been about a year since this board has been updated, so I wanted to see if there were any new Colorado HAMS or folks in CO looking to get their ticket. I live in Longmont and am happy to help.

Hey asatrur come down to Denver tomorrow evening or Sat and meet up. AA will be there at a book signing here http://www.selfrelianceexpo.com/

I come in tomorrow afternoon and we leave on Sat afternoon to go vist Tex.

Junior just joined for Colorada Springs who is in the AirForce.   He is just starting on this journey.

Come to the event and I will get you two signed copies of Going Home  and Surviving Home.

Rocky Mountain Low:
I have checked in elswhere but just to chime in, I am in the Springs.

You should hook up with JR


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