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Help with wiring a siren PA system


i bought this unit for my UTV

It is a single unit that came without the PA mic.
I am hoping to bypass the extra $70 cost of the OEM unit and wire in one of my own.

 I am assuming that everything is in the unit and the mic is just an added feature.
Here is the diagram of the unit ipwtih the mic

First off do you think I can wire in a mic like my FT-60r mic and use the PA function?

Second what wiring scheme would you use and what in dash connector would work? 

It looks like you'll need a schematic to get a better answer. The white is probably a ground and the push to talk switch uses it with a resistor to activate the system. The good news is that most any mic will work.

Thanks Temp.  I have spent the day searching the internet looking for the schematic of the inside of the siren/speaker or for a post where someone else did the mod, but No Joy. 


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