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Who wants in on HAM Test Online - the offical "log"

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Who is in?

Here is the latest from HTOL

Hi Mark,

Yes, but that still isn't as good as the 20% discount for Technician courses we currently offer to everyone even when making individual purchases.

I had been assuming that you have only been talking about purchasing Technician courses. If not, then you are correct that the 10% discount would apply to all General and Extra courses purchased in bulk quantities of 10 - 19.

If your total # of courses purchased at one time (including Tech, General + Extra) is for 20 or more then we can apply the 20% discount to the entire purchase. 


10 Technician courses @ $20.00
10 General courses     @ $29.95
Sub Total                       $499.50
Discount 20%                 - 99.90

Total                             $399.60

So for 10 people for tech and general, it will cost $400 or $40 each.

I'm in let me know where to send money.

I'm game! I need to get my study on and get my license.


What do we get for the money?  I would like to say yes, but I would like to know what its going to. 

I would take the Technician and General at the same time. 

I will post a "inside the box" note later today or tomorrow.

HTOL best feature is the tracking your progress feature and multifaceted test tacking feature.   


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