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help needed in Regional SW Schedules


hi all!
 I was wonderign if we have anyone experienced in SWL on board.

I am trying to compile a list of Englsih language broadcasts that can be heard in Europe (Greece specifically)

I admit I am lost in the data found. For now I am using the following sites to compile a list of....
But sometimes time frequencies do not match (i.e. China & Russia) especially when you cross reference with the Radio station schedule as published in their site.

My plan is to stay on these, and not make an all inclusive table, just 3 different ones. The time needed to fuse and reformat these schedules is HUGE!

Any more suggestions by someone?

I had issues in finding shortwave resources too.. Except for numbers stations and the like, which has an IRC channel that gives real time info.. Let me see if I can dig anything up from some of my old links!!

I use this site a lot:

You can enter a frequency and figure out the broadcaster.

Huh, first post on this board.  Guess I'm not so quiet anymore.

my Golly, what is this?

I almost got info-nausea.....Made a list of all stations in english and i am about to print it..... :o

many many thanks


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