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New /AG as of tonight


Just passed the General exam, missed one question (pretty sure I know which one)  :(.  My preps were by using an app I downloaded to my Android phone called Amateur Radio Exams 1.0 Pro.  It cost a couple bucks to download, but I was able to absorb the test material MUCH better than using the Study book I bought from ARRL.  Yes, I learned the "test", rather than all the theory and calculations.... but I'll learn the operating procedures and such by OPERATING rather than trying to do it from the book.  I'll use the same app for the Extra exam as soon as I catch my breath.  I also have the app for the FCC GROL exam, which I need to do for work.

Congrats on the general.  Don't wait too long on the extra, there is alot of similar content and the fresher it is the easier it will be to get the /AE

Out of curiosity have you looked at the GROL questions yet?  how similar are they to the amateur pool (other than the obvious rules and regs type questions)?

Congrats GtV.  Welcome to the HF club.   I agree with B, start the study for the Extra now while your still in that mode. Using HTOL, it took me 30 hrs of study before i took the X test and passed.

Then after you finish the X, there is only one more test to pass.   8)


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