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What SW receiver are you using?

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I thought I'd toss this out for discussion.  What shortwave radio are you using? 

We're setup with a Grundig Satelit 750 as a primary.   The backups are a Degen DE212 and Radio Shack DX-398.

Grundig FR-200 AM/FM/SW Hand Crank Emergency Radio,  FT 857D, TS 520, FT 60R

I think that coves what I have

Don't have a shortwave, as my ham radio will pick up all the shortwave bands, no need to have both.. There is a picture of my radio over in the kit build section under elecraft k3.

Sangean ATS-909
I like it lots and has good SSB reception

I use my ham rig for shortwave reception (IC-7200) and also have a Baygen Freeplay hand crank radio and a Kaito 1103 AM/SSB radio.  I've been impressed with the Kaito so far, given its fairly low cost;  it's a sensitive and selective rig and works well on both AM and SSB. 


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