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Was working from home today and turned on my scanner. Only to hear a SWAT raid going down in my county. I started listening right before they breeched. It was the most intense 30 minutes of radio i've ever heard.. Hostage situation bad guy was shot, all in all a good day!

It was impressive to hear how cool these guys were under pressure.  I've worked with SWAT before on some "red flag" exercises where I was an active bad guy and we used simunitions, and i've seen these guys operate, but it was impressive to hear them live doing it for real...

Did the bad guy do the right thing or will the taxpayers have to support him?


--- Quote from: Hamsexy on March 28, 2012, 09:08:21 AM ---Did the bad guy do the right thing or will the taxpayers have to support him?

--- End quote ---

Sounded like a headshot ended it..

I only have TWO issues with Law Enforcement, and Swat Teams.......

First.  They need to make VERY SURE, they have the right Address and Solid Intel before going in.... This has not always been the case, and some VERY Bad Things have happened, because of it. If a LEO gets it wrong, then they need to be FIRED, and Prosecuted, immediately, for being Incompetent to wear the Uniform, NO BS about, "Oh we are very Sorry, that we made a Mistake..." These guys need to have their OWN Personal Skin in the Game. If they screw up, they are GONE, Period. We the People, give them this Power to do these things, and we should DEMAND that they do it Correctly, EVERY Time it is used, or they shouldn't wear the Uniform.

Second. There is NEVER a CASE, to be made, for ANY Civilian Law Enforcement Organization, or Personnel, to be issued Full-Auto Weapons. There just
is NO defensible Senerio, that can be made for such weapons, to be issued to LEOs in the field, PERIOD. Bad things have happened because of the Full-Auto Mentality of Law Enforcement, in the past, and it just doesn't have to happen.

Those are the only two caveats, that I would insist on, for the protection of the civilian Population, from Law Enforcement. Just Say'en... YMMV....

I do believe that the (rest of) the civilian population would have need for less protection, if only there were a lot more Peace Officers and a lot less Law Enforcement Officers.


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