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I have played with trying to communicate with SATs and with my enjoyment of Astronomy as a hobby I have tracked many with my Telescope. Many years ago when Mir was up there I was able to communicate with it. I have been keeping track of some of the efforts of the AMSAT group and followed ARISSAT-1.

This past week we had a member of the AMSAT group give an excellent presentation of the use and benefits of SAT based Space Comms. For a presentation that is very much the same check out the video below:

HamRadioNow Episode 2, Part 2 - AMSAT

Here is a link for an antenna for Space use and some information on how to communicate with SATs:

In a Non-EMP/CME environment SAT comms may be the most reliable manner of long distance comms especially using a small amount of power to get the job done. It is quick to set up and often is not as susceptible to time of day issues as HF is.

I plan to learn more and hopefully become proficient at it. I am betting that I can use my scope to help with tracking as I have already been successful at tracking them optically. I will probably have to get a weight set to offset the weight of the antenna.

Anyone here already do Sat comes or have the gear?

Wow Sig, you're really into that.  I'm impressed.  Have made many contacts using sat?  Thanks for posting the information.

I have that same arrow antenna,
I got it to talk to satellites, but never managed to do it,
I keep meaning to do it, but have not got around to it
they always seem to orbit by when I am at work or when it is late.


--- Quote from: rah on March 18, 2012, 10:16:18 PM ---Wow Sig, you're really into that.  I'm impressed.  Have made many contacts using sat?  Thanks for posting the information.

--- End quote ---

Actually I have never used a SAT. I have listened to ISS and SAT COMMs but was never able to beat the pile up with my Discone antenna. The only reason I was able to hit the Mir was that it was DIRECTLY overhead one afternoon.

Here is a site that I helped setup concerning the ability to see the sky from Tucson.

Heavens Above is a good resource for tracking SATs but there are much better apps that will control telescopes
(You may have to register or use the links and info from Tucson Skies above. I recommend registering so you can set your own location)

You can use the site to SEE the ISS when it passes over.

Here is a photo I took of the ISS as it passed over at about 17.5K MPH around 300 miles away with my 8" Schmidt Cassegrain Scope

Hey, that is exactly the antenna I got saterday at the yard sale, it has a 10w duplexer in the handle too. $132 just for the stick, WOW I got a screamer on that deal.

If you would like to try it I say bring it on, always ready to help a local. I have what looks like a 440 beam for the same thing, and I found it on the same site for $48

I got 3 radios and a power supply for free this week.


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