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Hallicrafters SX-100 rebuild?

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I know this site is geared toward preparedness being a ham, but I figured some of you might be able to help me.  I bought an old (1950s ish) Hallicrafters SX-100.  I downloaded the manual so I have a reference for a lot of the stuff.  I may be in over my head here but any guidance is greatly appreciated, my daughter who is 8, pulled the puppy dog eyes on me in a parts shop and this thing was 150 bucks I did a search and they go for up to 500 restored, I'm not in it for the money but I'm in it for the joy of learning and bonding with my kid.

Anyway, I know enough about electronics not to get zapped.  I'm a satellite communications operator for the military and know how to work a multimeter, solder and use E-tape.  I found that I have 127 VAC going to the transformer and haven't tried ohming out the power switch or getting the voltage off the other end of the transformer yet.  It does not power on at all no noise or anything.  Has anyone worked with something similar before?  I don't have a good schematic yet I'm just going to follow wires the best I know and do a little each day.  I went on Eham and QRZ and no offense to those sites but they are very poorly run and some of the old guys there have a chip on there shoulder.  That and on Eham I can't post or anything and I've been registered for a year now.

I honestly think, and qrz are two of the bigger causes that younger hams leave or don't get involved. If either one of those two sites are one of your early experiences with ham radio why would anyone stay involved.. I am 33, and some days I feel like the youngest ham on the air, then I hear these old farts act and wonder why I even bother same days.  Also I'd like to give an honorable mention when we talk about chips on the shoulder and asses in ham radio to the hardcore contestors!

I wish you were in Atlanta, because although I have no idea how to work on that thing, i'd be over there with my multi meter trying like hell to help you get it up, that sounds like a great project. I don't have an answer for you though. I did do some searching and can point you in the right direction. Seriously man, take pics of that thing!

Below is a link for the manual.

They make tube testors I know that. Might want to try by testing the tubes and seeing which ones work, and which don't. The manual above has a parts list.

Also a good resource is the antique radio forum:

I hope that we have a Hallicrafters radio expert on the site and can help ya but these two links should be a start for you.

Great link thank you so much, had the manual, but another site and someone to email with questions thanks to the first site.  That second link looks like a great resource too.

Doing more research on this.. Looks like everyone recommends replacing the standard 2 wire power cord with a 3 wire.

Also you need to replace all the paper capacitors. The ones that came with it, will be leaky by now and anything less than a full replacement will cause issues.

Consensus is: the best place to get parts.

apparently someone has done this already it has the three wire power, it has no paper anything and they even put in a better connector for an antenna on it.  I ordered a tube tester for 40 bucks of ebay and I'm in the process of finding my fluke multimeter, it just so happens this co-incides with me cleaning out the entire garage to find it, win win I guess.  I've got a radio shack pocket meter but I don't trust it for checking voltages inside with all the wires that close.


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