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Great topic on CME events from IEEE

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Take a look at this review from IEEE magazine 2/2012

A Perfect Storm of Planetary Proportions
The approach of the solar maximum is an urgent reminder that power grids everywhere are more vulnerable than ever to geomagnetic effects

this kind of a event is more likely this year,
maybe next year, and less likely after that till the next disruption in the sun cycle pattern
for some very neat info on the sun cycles

as far as I see it this is one of the biggest issues in our world now,
people are way to dependent on outside things to live,
does every one here have a good water supply that does not need electricity ?

Water supply that does not need power to bring it to me, nope.  I do have a friend that has a solar pump and a spring on his land, but that is 300 miles away from me. 


The CME event of late January Is the reason this site got started.  One of our friends from another forum in NE Wyoming had their cell towers knocked put with a CME.  I posted on that other forum, that he should hace had a HF radio and he would not be with out comms.  I got flooded with PMs and emails  with people wanting to get into ham radio.  The rest as they say was history. H

He got hit on a Friday and by the next Saturday we were up and running.  I was really disappointed in the QRZ site when i started studying and only being allowed to post in the "Becoming a Ham" section and the elitist attitude.  It carried over with the prepper post over there by idiots asking just,who,were they going to talk to after the SHTF?

Well, many of us here talk(phone, and various digital modes) via HF on a weekly basis and have become friends in the process. I know where to find them on the bands and would trust them with any sensitive information about conditions in their area.

I have some water storage as well as living on a 53 acre lake. 

I have nothing good to say about Nothing but a bunch of old ass elitist assholes.

Decent place to buy and sell gear, otherwise forget it.


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