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I've made some adjustments to the hometown area, Moved some states around and created a new area. Please double check you haven't moved to a new area as a few of you have. We did this to allow for the areas to better match up to allow people to organize nets in your area. We tried to line it up a little better for radio communications. Hope to get you all on the air.

Please let me know if you have any issues.

Apparently Hawaii, isn't a State anymore or the Hometown of any of the Users of this site.... Just wondering.....

I just had a thought here ID and AD. What about a map of the US with a dot or something representing a board member in that area. Does'nt need a name or who it is. Perhaps have one color for licensed radio operators and another for the newbies or non-licensed. If a member is inactive on the board for a certain amount of time then they can be removed from the map. It may give people a little better understanding of where resources and/or "friendlies" are located. Just a thought since you were talking geography anyway.


I had thought about that too, but not sure everyone would be comfortable with putting a pin up where they are located.

I thought about that as well. That was why I think just a colored dot ay work. Dont use any names or anything to identify. If a person wants to remain anonymous they can opt not to fill in a state designation. It was just an idea and the mods decision.



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