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there are lots of ways to set up a repeater,
but this is sure an easy one
it does miss all the parts about setting up a duplexer and all the hard things,
so here is some info on that

but to start with here is a neat page on cross band repeaters
some radios have it built into them
like the icom w32a, the alinco 635t, and many others
they are perfect for emergency use or low cost...
here is another version
but regular repeaters work much better.

Just remember, that in most places, Repeaters need to be "Coordinated" with the local Ham Radio Coordinating Committee. If you live anywhere near a 1Mill population City, it will be very likely that most, if not ALL, Repeater Pairs are already spoken for. If you setup an UnCoordinated Repeater on someone else's Coordinated Pair, you will get stomped on, by the locals, pretty hard. If that doesn't get you off the air, the can call my Old Outfit, (FCC) and they can, and will, end your fun, with a NOAL. (Notice of Apparent Liability.... Big Money)  So best do your homework, first, before you slap something on the air.  Just Say'en... YMMV.....

good points,
in my area all the repeater pairs are used, most with "closed" repeaters that are never used
I have had some of them on and they get zero use for a week solid...
I can't imagine any fallout for setting up one on that frequency
but mainly I expect people here to be putting up repeaters on solar power to replace current ones that will go off line in a power outage.
or to be using crossband repeat systems when out camping,
I guess I should have said that in my first post and mentioned the coordination thing

So just for clarification, is a crossband repeater (as is available in some of the newer radios) an issue?  especially if in a remote area (hiking/camping/fishing).  There are plenty of times that I hike into a remote area that in an emergency I might have trouble getting a signal out of with just a HT, but would be able to get a signal to my truck (which would have a better chance of getting out (more power, bigger antenna, .....)

I am assuming that since this is an available feature in a number of radios that it is a non issue (as long as you are properly licensed for the frequencies involved.)  but you know what happens when you assume....

Recon prepper:
since no one answered bryanthe goon i thought i would. you should know being an extra that when its a true emergency all rules are out the window and you or even an unlicensed person may you whatever means necessary at their disposal to send an emergency message.


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