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Well Howdy..... BTPost here, from out in the bush of Alaska..... AL7AQ is the call.... Been a Prep'er for my whole life. Prep'en in Momma's and My life goes back three Generations. I am semi-reTIRED, and Momma (KL7WJ) is as well. Can be found on 14292.0Khz USB in the local before Noon timeframe. Will be poking around the site, and see what is here.... Just say'en... YMMV.....

Welcome to the site. I'd love to try to get on the air with you someday, see if we can chat. I haven't hit Alaska yet as a state.. Being in GA it's a heck of a trip!

Welcome to the site, So I just have to ask.  So how cold is it?  We should hit 70 today :)

Howdy to Alaska. Welcome. I hopevto make a trip up there one day. Living in arizona is killing my need for snow and colder temps.

Today we had 35F and alternating Rain, Snow, and Wind.... Just so you folks know, I like to be upfront, about who I am, and what I am about. I am a reTIRED FCC Resident Field Agent. I also moderate over on www.survivalmonkey.com, and am Asst. Chief Moderator over on www.smokstak.com.  There is an "About Me" blog at http://www.survivalmonkey.com/forum/blogs/btpost/about-me-225/ that tells my tale, should anyone be interested. I have been licensed for about 5 decades, and have live out here in the alaskan bush for 2 decades. Saw a link to this site posted over on the survivalmonkey site, and thought I had better check it out, and see what this place was like. Thanks for the Welcome.... and the radio is ALWAYS On....


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