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so what else does extra get you besides a bit more availability in the bands?

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I've been looking, and aside from a few Khz in 15m 20m 40m and 80m, I don't see what extra allows you to do beyond general.

It doubles your freq availability in 80m, and I'm tempted to test for extra just because of that, but I can't get enough altitude on my antenna (HOA) to have a good 80m setup.  So I operate mostly on 40m (extra gets me 25K on digi modes and 50K phone) and on 20m (an extra 25K and 75K).  I'm not set up for 15 yet, though I'm thinking of building a multiband vertical for 15m & 30m (same size gains in 30m as in 20m).

So it is just lid avoidance in those frequencies, or is there something I'm not aware of or not remembering.

A little more bandwidth and bragging rights :D. I am studying now to upgrade from my general to keep my friends from busting my chops  8)

They would have to answer the question

Back massages from the Swedish Bikini team also... So...

I look at it as a great way into every band

This may be a point of contention with some, but its also a ticket punch. I work in a system where it doesnt matter what you know, its what you can prove you know. As an extra, I can explain the way things work, and I can show I actually know what Im talking about.

It also gets me listened too when I talk about mods for radios and other issues which apparently have not been considered by our so called "experts" who really dont have the first clue about what they are doing, especially in a DF problem. I work with a pile of drooling idiots.

And thats why I want my Extra call sign, I know what Im doing, I just have to get the "official ticket punch"

Another advantage, you tend to get treated a little better , at least locally by other HAMs when you talk to them. Apparently Extra is not as common in reality as in the boards here. So, an Extra call sign when meeting other HAMs, especially those who are club affiliated makes a difference. I was asked who I studied with and what club I was a member of when I tested for General. It was a surprise for them to find I did it myself. Extra will just compound that.

My local club is not the most friendly to new members, but I think thats a rarity and not common in the community. The groups doing testing in Tucson were very friendly when I was there.

I agree with PLA, but the key is that it's another step in the learning process, you don't want to try and figure this stuff out after something happens. It's a hobby, I find it interesting so I keep going, and keep doing projects.


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