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How to - Avoid Homeowner antenna restrictions

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For antenna, I just bought a string of 14ga stranded copper the same color as my roof tiles (a little darker) and built an offcenter fed dipole mostly on my roof, some of it strung back into the trees.  It's invisible.

Contemplating a vertical too, haven't decided yet.


--- Quote from: W.Lynn on February 19, 2012, 12:53:12 PM ---The photo is cool, but some neighborhoods are so lib (Austin) that people would be calling up DHS to see if they could get a reward for reporting a terrorist.  And they'd be mad at YOU for not being one, and no reward.

--- End quote ---

Yep, Austin is a country unto itself and bears much more resemblance to Berkley than it does to Texas.

rob, I'm in Williamson Co, out 29 near Jonah.

Funny you should ask. I'll try and find a copy of it somewhere but when a neighbor heard I was licensed she started raising hell about it. A gang of us on another website made an official watermark, invented an official sounding name (Anti-Piracy Task Force) and 'accidentally' let it fall into her hands.

Let's say she was holding her hand over her mouth when she read it.

The accompanying appendix had all sorts of stuff in it involving permission to posess automatic weapons, military gear, erect a 200' tower etc.

After the woman read the thing my neighbor told her if she let it be known she had read the 'highly classified orders" she'd 'disappear'.

As far as HOAs go, MOST (by no means all) are/were designed to keep things from turning into a shithouse and lowering property values. WHile a 200' steel tower is generally a no-go, a lot of HOAs will overlook a discreet Carolina Windom, long wire, dipole if it is a little stealthy.

Most of your problems come from nosy small minded people with nothing to do. The way to deal with them is be nice and let them in on your little secret. Explain to them the HOA is there to keep the place from looking like a shithouse. Explain that if there is an emergency you will help them.

If they won't play along with you then you tell them if they fall and can't get up they are going to be there for a while.

If they OK it and rat you out behind your back start being extra specially good to the local kids. Then when Halloween comes give them 5 gallons of Highway Yellow paint. ;) Be out of town that night.

Generally speaking MOST HOAs will leave you alone if what you have up isn't too obvious.

Stealth is your friend



Your post is full of win!!


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