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Are we doing a good job or not? What can we do better

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OK we have been at this for almost 2 whole weeks now, seems like forever  ;D

Let me and the gang know how we are doing.  If were are doing good tell us, if we suck let us have it.

If there is room for improvement, tell us what we can do to improve the site.

I think you are doing a great job. 

I'm really liking it. Everyone seems pretty knowledgable and willing to help.

For a bunch of old senile guys, yall remember stuff and are able to pass it on pretty well. That's good too, as we will probably have to tell it back to you in a couple of weeks.


Like I said when I found this, great idea to have the brains without the tinfoil in one place

And it got me off my ass and into HTO to pass Extra.

Was worth every dime of somebodies money just for that

Edit: How about an EMCOMM forum? I wanna see what everybody else has built for deployment boxes

Can you put up these requests in the website suggestions area so everyone can discuss on them separately?


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