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Server Migration away from Go Daddy


Well as 2021 comes to a close, so does my relation with Go Daddy.

Besides fucking up the PH database causing the site to go down, they killed my AD@ email address associated with this site.

Why do you ask?

GoDaday took it on themselves to change their email policy from having 100+ email accounts with every domain you owned, to one REQUIRING you to BUY an MS Office 365 subscription.  EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A MS OFFICE 365 SUBSCRIPTION.

If you did not buy this from Go Daddy, they killed your email account.

So the new hosting/server that will cost 3X as much as GD, but if I want to get PH going again, this is a must.

So if you try to come here are we are down, just be patient as within the first week or 2 the migration will happen.

Check back again.

AD aka Mark

Thanks AD, and good luck with the move.  Will be around.


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