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a (slightly) contrarian take on scanners

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Everything here for me is has been P25 for 10 years now. I still remember people trying to make there old scanners work with P25. Couldn't get them to under stand that there frequency's didn't change, just the mode. LOL!!!!! When they found out how much the new scanners cost they were pist-off. lol!!!!  They thought they only needed to change some numbers or setting to get there old scanners to work.

Drago, I'm guessing (yeah, wild guess, I know) those scanner enthusiasts weren't hams.  Times and technology march onward... sometime right over the thick-skulled!

No they were not hams. I donít think anybody in my small little hometown even knew what a ham radio was. Except for my high school principal he was definitely a ham. I have no idea what all the clothesline hanger looking wires were in his backyard above his house was but now I do. Lol. All the nosy folks just wanted to know where the cops were, Who they were chasing in who was drunk on the weekends. And if the ambulance went out they just chased it out to the interstate. Itís sad but that was our entertainment back in the Day.😂


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