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We heard of SOTA, Extreme SOTA where you build the radio & activate!!!!


Check this guy out. We have all heard of SOTA(Summits On The Air) vut this guy takes it to extreme.

He take a gas powered soldering iron and build a kit radio then activates the summit.

Stolen........eeerrr borrowed from SMonkey
 Thx DKR

I'm not sure if there is a point to building a radio while atop a mountain. Like the "extreme ironing" mentioned in the article, it's one of those things no one did before social media came along and gave us a medium to broadcast our vanity to the world.

Nonetheless, SOTA is cool. I do admire the guy's perseverance. And the radio did actually work. So good deal.

I really like my gas powered soldering iron,
was my primary way of soldering anything for 27 years
finally replaced it with a digital temp. controlled iron


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