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Not posting to brag, but wanted to give credit to HamTestOnline and point anybody who feels overwhelmed in their direction. Due to their excellent teaching method they call adaptive learning I passed each test with ease last Sunday evening. While the VE's would not share my scores stating that it was against the rules I did pay attention to the VE's while grading and by counting the marks they made it appeared that I missed 2 on the Technician, 1 on the General, and 2 on the Extra. Now the real learning begins.

If you are struggling, please give HamTestOnline a look. It is a paid program, but by the time you are done you will not only know the answers to the questions but all the "whys" behind them and a whole lot more. The way their courses are structured, they first give an overview that also has several offsite links for reference. After the overview you are tested with questions from the exam pool. The software keeps track of whether you got it right, wrong, or close to right and then adapts to meet your needs by focusing more on the subjects and individual questions where you are the weakest.

Free test drive:
Price list:
They also have a program to give the Extra class to VE's for free:

Congrats.  And it's not against the rules to tell you your score.

CommGrats sir welcome to the club

Good for you!!!!!!!!! I have another friend that wants to get his, Ill tell him about it.

Wrote the bok on the study method a while ago


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