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I just pulled out my ft-857 from storage
it had not been powered up in about a year
and all settings and all memories were gone
it had all my emergency contact frequencies in memory
and now it is all gone, I had no backup for what was in it.

not sure how many radios will do this, but pretty sure the 857 was not suppose to do that

don't trust your radio, keep paper copies

Space.  Did you put them in manually?  The RT Systems software is great for being able to change quickly or restore after a full CPU reset.

I have had to do,the full reset about 3 times since I owned it

did put them in manually,
but now that you mention the computer thing, I might have backed them up with chirp,
will have to go set up that computer and see what is on it.
I have had to reset mine 4 times in the past, each time I have written down the critical memories,
but now I can't even remember what the local repeaters are called much less the frequencies
guess that is what I get for moving to many times, loosing my notes, and failing to talk on the radio often enough (I do talk on HF often)

You can probably dig out any repeater scoop you need from here, then use either Chirp or RTSystems to plug it all into the radio.

I always keep a Backup of the Setup Files for my Kenwood Transceivers on two of the separate Servers, on my Network... and all those files are backed up, in multiple places... Nothing more time consuming than to try and remember stuff you did 2 or three years ago.... BackUp, Backup, Backup.... Remember, "Three is Two, Two is One, and One is None"....


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