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Any Baofeng UV-3R /MkII owners?

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I recently got one, for being pocketable and USB charged.

But during the charging I noticed that there is a light that changes color on the USB supply.
So I wonder if it this that regulates charging or if the radio does.

Does anyone has an idea?
(before i start dissembling things?)

i just had a look at the UV-3R site at the charging and radio diagrams

I have an older Bao and I'm pretty sure the charge control circuitry is on the charger itself.

If you're curious, rip it open anyway. It's not like they are expensive to replace.

I tested mine,
the charge circuit is in the battery. it is the battery protection circuit that makes them quit charging.
so you can't get batteries without protection in them.
and your USB charger has to be current limited

well, after psoting I found a surce that said that there is one inside the batetry, but there is also one in the radio too.
Seems it is the ltc4054-l

Bottom right in the schematic

so now I will have to find the time to spend the battery juice and charge with a USB meter inline


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