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any thoughts on hy-gain's? anyone have personal experience with them

My property doesn't have any mature trees to string an antenna from, putting a post in the ground and mounting a vertical might be a bit simpler

any opinions?

Just remember to build the other half of the Antenna...... The RF Ground....

It's a decent --not great, but decent--- antenna.

As BT said make sure you have a solid ground radial system.

I have a Cushcraft version, does pretty well but not as well as a dipole. Have you checked into Chameleon? lots of our club guys run the EMCOMM II in their HOA's, some in attics and some along fences, and seem to do really well.

You can send Carl an email there and he will help you out.

I don't have any restrictions just trying to avoid the power lines in front of my house, and don't have any tall trees and putting up a tower is low on the building priorities

just don't want to get a gv5r type antenna if being 10ish foot off the ground is going to render it an issue


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