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Icom is bringing it back.

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Gigaparts, too

Wow, and a very sweet price too!

That might even turn me into an "Icom guy"

Ah, if only my sales resistance wasn't so high ---


--- Quote from: Tevin on January 11, 2017, 07:10:50 AM ---Wow, and a very sweet price too!

That might even turn me into an "Icom guy"

--- End quote ---

ICOM is calling you!!!!!!!!  in ways you will never under stand.

I mostly have yaesu radios or did 5 years ago.
they have fancy features, and most of all low receive current and good power out with only 11V in.
but when I left the workforce and stopped getting new radios all the time,
something happened.
I started using what I had for years on end.
and all my yaesu radios started failing
mostly from a bad 450KHz (or 455KHz) filter setup (you are not suppose to put DC voltage on them)
so now I am left with my alinco, icom, and whatever else brand radios I had.
icom has some very nice radios.
I only have one icom now, the ic-w32a
sadly its PL tone seems to have quit, but still works other than that after what seems like 20 years,
can't seem to find when that thing was first sold, but I got it not long after that.
that radio showed me how well a radio can work.
there is no good reason for continual intermod reception in a down town area
and many other things
so go get an icom and see what it does.
would really like to send this post to myself long before the internet was out there.


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