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US House to Act on Amateur Radio Parity Act Bill, H.R. 1301


The next major step in the Amatuer Radio Parity Act

From our friends at ARRL


The US House of Representatives will consider the Amateur Radio Parity Act, H.R. 1301, under a suspension of the rules on Monday, September 12. A suspension of the rules is a legislative procedure used to quickly pass non-controversial bills.

Speaking at the New England Division Convention on September 10 in Massachusetts, ARRL CEO Tom Gallagher, NY2RF, expressed confidence that the bill would pass the House, but said the legislation would face additional hurdles in the US Senate.

In July, an amended version of the bill received a unanimous favorable report from members of the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee. Before reporting the bill out of committee, the panel first voted to accept the amended language “in the nature of a substitute.” Rep Greg Walden, W7EQI (R-OR), who chairs the Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, said the substitute bill represented “a good balance” following months of meetings, hard work, and compromise, and he recommended the measure to his colleagues.

“The amendment guarantees that even in deed-restricted communities, Amateur Radio operators are able to use an effective outdoor antenna,” Walden said. “Without an effective antenna Amateur Radio operators are severely limited, so this amendment ensures that amateurs are free to pursue their passion wherever they live.”

Thank you for posting this, I didn't realize this was getting some Congressional floor time.

The big breakthrough came when the ARRL teamed up with the Community Associations Institute (CAI) — the national association of homeowners associations (HOAs) who in the begining was apposed to this because they thought everyone wanted a 100 foot tower. 

After ARRL wored woth them to see the antennas can be much less than that and that the HOA just had to agree to allow a "reasonable" effective antenna, they all agreed that it was better to work together.

 Hopefully this passes, lots of guys can't easily get on the air or have to have stealth antennas and risk being fined if they are seen. I can understand how some neighbors wouldn't want an antenna farm next to them but the wording of reasonable while left up to interpretation by the local HOA Gestapo is a really good start.

I contacted my state senators.
Please leave a message and thanks for calling.


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