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SOLD! Alpha-Delta DX-EE: 10m - 40m Dipole Antenna


For Sale is my DX-EE multiband dipole, which I used once for a few hours, at this past weekend's National Parks On The Air activation of The Petrified Forest National Park in AZ. The antenna is spotless and was assembled per the instructions and tested for SWR on 20m and 40m. The analyzer showed between 1.4 and 1.6 with no tuning, out of the box. I've decided to go in a different direction for portable comms and would like to sell this. I've attached pictures of the antenna so you can get some idea of the condition. It's 40ft long and difficult to photograph, but I do have close-up photos of the ISO-RES coils and center feed point. You can see they look like new condition. This antenna is built like a tank with 12 gauge solid copper wire and will survive long after your house comes down.

It comes with 2 lines of nylon support rope, a roll of extra 12ga. wire, and the instructions. This dipole can handle 1000 watts CW/PEP and it's recommended you mount it in an inverted "V" at a height of 35ft in the open. I'm asking $105.00 for a local sale. If you're out of state and want to purchase it, contact me here and we can discuss it. PM me with any questions please. Thank you.

Instruction Manual:,%20DD,%20EE,%20LB,%20LB%20Plus%20Instructions-10.pdf

- XJP5

SOLD! tonight to a local ham operator  :) Thanks to everyone that viewed this thread.


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