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Hello from North Central Idaho

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Howdy from the Clearwater Valley of North Central Idaho!

I've been into prepping (survivalism) off and on since the middle 70's. Started getting real serious about it after the fiasco of Y2K. I got into Ham radio with emergency communications in mind.....AMRRON and local nets. I currently hold a General ticket, and have 2 meter radios and low power HF, (Yaesu 817ND). Am saving my sheckles for a more powerful HF set up. I am beginning to get some knowledge about digital.

Looking forward to learning more here, at this site.



Welcome ID Bob. Thanks for joining. 

I like the latest Going Home series book #7 that introduces AMRRON and OTP usage. 

I know the author very well (personel friend) but even though I am a Extra, i was not familiar with OTPs
He had 3 coded messages that you needed to search for OTP that have to do with "trees" you may be familliar wth.

I was the first one to decode the messages that AMRRON was sending about events in the book.

Anyway welcome to the group.

Welcome aboard dude!!!!!!!! Great people here.

G'day and welcome!

I also run an 817, although its not my main rig. I've had huge success with QRP.

If you've been prepping since the 70's then maybe you can teach us a thing or two!

Glad you came by Prepared Ham. Enjoy your stay.

Welcome from Pa.
My"friends"hunt elk west of Chalis every year.
 They love it .


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