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If you buy anything from amazon, if you use one of the links below, we would earn a few pennies on that purchase and it does not cost you any additional $$ to do so.

This is mine

This is Tommys link

This is for AA/Chris W

If any of the PH folks have Amazon affilite links post them here.

Nathan's is

Fix it for you too.

Now if you are on a forum where someone asks for a product you know you can get on Amazon, sign in under your account, naviagate to that product page, look at the top of the page amd select Txt link.

Then paste that link back on the website where they were asking for that product.

If they click the link you supply, it will take them to that page on amazon andmof they buy you get spiffed and it does not cost them anyrhing extra.

Your first post and you are pimping for dollars  8) :o


Just post your amazom affiliate link


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