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MARS Invites ARES/RACES Participation in Coronal Mass Ejection Disaster Exercise

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Well at least the government is looking at real life examples of things that could change life as we know it.  The US Military is conducting an exercise with members of the Amateur Radio Community to help us understand what we need to do before a CME or EMP event to protect our communications capabilities to help with what I would assume would be nation wide comms in a Post event world.

Below is a Article from the ARRL(Amateur Radio Relay League), the defacto "management arm" of the FCC when it come to amateur radio or Ham Radio.

After reading this article, let me know if you will take part and what are you plans for such events.

Begin Article from ARRL:

A disastrous coronal mass ejection (CME) will be the focus of a national Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) communication exercise in early November, and MARS is hoping to collaborate with Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) groups. The MARS exercise will get under way on November 8 and continue into November 10. It will be a quarterly contingency HF exercise in support of the US Department of Defense.

“The exercise scenario will simulate a CME event and focus on actions that radio operators should take prior to and following a CME event,” explained Army MARS Program Manager Paul English, WD8DBY. “One thing we want to continue to work on is the interface with the greater Amateur Radio community.”

Read more on ARRL here

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This sounds cool, but I'm not clear on what this event actually does.

Is is a net or a training class? Or both? If it's a "radio blackout" simulation then why are they operating on the air?

AD, I know this isn't your event and you're just passing the info along. But I don't get it.

Its a training event.

From the article

Training objectives for this exercise will include understanding what a CME is and how much forecast lead time can be expected; the effects associated with a CME, and what precautions radio operators take to protect their equipment, prior to a severe CME.

After the simulated CME, operators will assess its effects and begin reporting that information. This will involve “interoperation with Amateur Radio operators and groups to assist in assessment.

Amateur Radio operators, ARES, and RACES are encouraged to participate in this exercise. Contact MARS and provide your contact information, if your organization group is interested.

CME has always been something that preppers are not always clear on. lots of trainings like this is needed. If we get attacked, it will be with an EMP. Everybody knows it will be our down fall. Being able to protect our radios is high on my list. My next new go box will be designed for this. Im still working on how to do it.


I have semt an email to them to get details.  i will post when I here back.


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