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Im in need of an antenna analyzer that will work on HF, UHF/VHF all in one. There are so many out there and they all do different things. Im looking at the MFJ-269CPRO. What are you guys using and why. I just want to get a good one that will last me forever.

If you can afford it, look into RigExpert.  Will DL data to the computer. 

I have a Comet CAA500, works well, eats batteries, but you can run it off a power supply forever.

not to confuse the topic any more than it has to be,
I also want an antenna analyzer, but...
I have been thinking about a noise bridge like the MFJ-202B
only because it looks pretty easy and low price to build

I have (had) a MFJ-259C, big, clunky, takes a boatload of batteries, wasn't ever really sure of the results and right out of warranty it took a dump.  It's been at MFJ to be repaired now for 6 months and don't know if I'll ever see it again, so I bought a rigexpert because I needed a analyzer now, small, easy to work, does 10 times as much as the MFJ on I think 3 batteries and I trust it.  If I ever get the MFJ back, It's for sale


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