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12/24V 120Vac 40LTR Portable Fridge / Freezer

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12/24V 120Vac 40LTR Portable Fridge / Freezer

There comes a point in time when you are tired of hauling ice, dealing with melted ice, and switch to a DC fridge. The problem is most are inefficient at best, or power hungry. This will solve all your problems. A rugged stainless steel unit designed to last a lifetime of continuous service. Everything you need is included, Transit bag, remote control and fridge.

This is a great size unit for bugging out, or for everyday use in your vehicle, camping, boating or events. Post SHTF this unit will provide safe reliable cooling for critical medicines, or keep your ICE for drinks. It will operate as a fridge or a freezer, just set the temperature and it will maintain it, regardless of the ambient outside temperature. It has an oversize compressor, so regardless of the outside temperature it will keep cold. Great to load your meat or fish from hunting or fhishing. I have run these type of units year after trouble free year. Never worry about rust with it's stainless steel construction. A free insulating transit bag is included to protect the unit, and provide additional insulation when out in the African Savanna or in the middle of the Utah desert. Run it at home on AC, if the power fails, the DC will automatically take over. Ideal size for a few days in the field. It's small enough to fit in your vehicle, and moved by one person.

Detailed item information

40 Litres 1.41 Cubic Feet is about a couple cases of beer) or $300.00 worth of meat.
Includes transit bag
Three Baskets
Digital remote Temperature Controller
Wireless Temperature and Battery Monitor
66 Watt Snomaster Compressor
5 year Warranty on Compressor and 1 year on Cabinet
12/24V DC 120AC volt internal power supply
Open Lid alarm
16mm polyurethane insulation 5/8"
Stainless steel cabinet
Stainless steel hinges, locks and handles
Temperature range -22 to 10 degrees -7.6F to 50F (unit will display F)
Internal LED Light
High speed operation 5 amps @ 12V
Low speed operation 2.5 amps @ 12V
Voltage cut out can be set between 10 and 11.5 volts @ 12v
600x420x520 (WXDXH) 23 5/8 x 16 17/32 x 20 15/32

$1200.00 Price includes shipping in Continental US.

More Pictures Here

I know someone who would write a good product review on the blog and Facebook page if they had one to evaluate  8)

one of my friends has one of those,
they are fantastic

The 60 watts power consumption would be a deal breaker for me. It's is a lot of juice considering a full-size refrigerator pulls around 130-150.

A while ago I posted this review:

They don't make that exact model anymore but there are others very similar.

The Engel wants only a little over 2 amps and it's so well insulated it doesn't even run that much. I can leave it plugged in the truck all day, even when it's hot, and not worry about killing the battery.

Very well insulated, and has high, low and auto power consumption. After it's all cooled off, it operates more as or more efficiently than anything else I have compared it to.  On low power, it tends to draw around 2a when running, which isn't much.

Would you also consider it better than a National Luna?

I have Engel and National Luna, and have run power analysis on all of them, they are comparable power wise. While the Engel runs more and draws less, the Snomaster Runs less, and draws ever so slightly more.

I plan to sit them all out, side by side and do some comparisons, my Engel is out on loan right now so I don't have it handy.

As far as home fridges, they aren't particularly efficient. I looked one up, similar to what I have at home, and with an icemaker, the annual power consumption is 714 kWh. It is fused at 15A AC..  It might not be a fair comparison, but that works out to roughly 2kWh a day..   Your Engel, or most of these DC units will draw based on the power settings, outside temperature which dictates how many hours it needs to run. 

When I put a DC analyzer on these types of DC fridges, the Engel or NL run times in 24 hours is about 18-21 hours. I ran a similar test on the Snomaster, and was getting about 14 hours run time respectively..  That's not a scientific test, just my observations, I plan to continue with more testing now that it's really getting hot out.  I ran a quick test today, and put the analyzer on the 40L for an hour on DC Low power. Temperature set at 33F, already cooled. Ambient temperature 90F in the shade. It ran for 22 minutes 35 seconds and used about 1.254Ah. This more or less correlates with the previous 24h test I mentioned.

I have a 100w solar panel, and it has been used to power all the fridges I have, works fine.

No doubt any fridge is better than no fridge at all, and I agree with your article, that folks should have one. I don't quite understand the complaint about 2 power cords though. Perhaps we can revisit that thread instead of derailing this one.


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