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3/17/2015 ALERT: Geomagnetic K-index of 8

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Space Weather Message Code: ALTK08
Serial Number: 19
Issue Time: 2015 Mar 17 1757 UTC

ALERT: Geomagnetic K-index of 8
Threshold Reached: 2015 Mar 17 1754 UTC
Synoptic Period: 1500-1800 UTC
Active Warning: Yes
NOAA Scale: G4 - Severe

NOAA Space Weather Scale descriptions can be found at

Potential Impacts: Area of impact primarily poleward of 45 degrees Geomagnetic Latitude.

Induced Currents - Possible widespread voltage control problems and some protective systems may mistakenly trip out key assets from the power grid. Induced pipeline currents intensify.

Spacecraft - Systems may experience surface charging; increased drag on low earth orbit satellites, and tracking and orientation problems may occur.

Navigation - Satellite navigation (GPS) degraded or inoperable for hours.

Radio - HF (high frequency) radio propagation sporadic or blacked out.

Aurora - Aurora may be seen as low as Alabama and northern California.


March 17, 2015 @ 17:40 UTC
VHF Aurora Opening Watch
Severe geomagnetic storming (KP=8) continues this afternoon. Sky watchers across Northern Europe, the UK and Scandinavia should experience brilliant aurora displays this evening. On the radio front, ham operators located at higher latitudes in Europe are now making VHF contacts via the AU. Radio operators located in the northern tier USA and Canada should have their antennas north and ready this evening local time. The Bz component of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) continues to point south and is prolonging this major geomagnetic event.

Jist missed us

Look at this

Thats a good site. Haven't seen that one.


The warning in the first panel is an email alert I get on Space Weather from this site

You will know minutes or hours before we get hit with the biggest one via email from this site.


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