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A friend of mine on my website asked me about this SDR he found. Iv never seen it and said I would ask you guys about it and what you think.
Wasn't sure to put this, but you do have to build it.

Never seen this one. Keep us up to speed please if he desides to build.

they work,
not sure what use they have that would be better than a standard portable short wave receiver, maybe good if you want to use in conjunction with a regular transceiver so that you can see what else is going on in the band where you are not tuned
by the way, the USB TV dongles seem not so reliable, mine broke after 3 months, they are cheep, so get 2 when you order it

if you want a good one that transmits as well,
then try this one
one of my friends built the previous version and it works amazingly well
better audio and RF quality than any traditional radio I have ever played with

I have two of these, one for general use as a cheap spectrum analyzer. and the other is tapped to the first IF on my 480 which gives me about 4mhz of band scope. I can just click where I see an interesting signal and the radio tunes there. I plan on rocking Field Day this year!

Correct me if I am wrong, but this is a SDR for SWL:view/listen only?   


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