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Lets see some of your portable QRP stations

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Here's one of mine, a Small Wonder Labs SW-20 built from a kit, with a homebrew end fed half wave antenna tuner (notice how it magically floats in midair due to the light wire antenna) Have worked the world with this little 2 watt wonder !

I'm not a "QRP guy" but that is a nifty setup.

When I get my tax refund next year I'm toying with the idea of picking up a Yaesu 817D and seeing what I can do. I already have some portable antennas so I could probably put something together easily.

The TV table is a nice touch!

Not exactly a QRP rig but I do run my Icom 706 on low power all the time.  Its in my GoBox. 

You have to post the photo to something like photobucket and then use the icon on the second line above the text input window, the one next to the big Smiley face which will give you a [*img] put http link to photo in between here [/img]

Thanks AD


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