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CS-700 Digital Mobile Radio


I've had the Connect Systems CS-700 DMR radio for a month now, and can say I'm impressed. As soon as I unboxed and charged it, I loaded a code plug from into the radio and was on the air. More info about DMR is also at
I have discovered that unlike D-STAR, DMR is totally digital (D-STAR uses an analog carrier to transport the digital data). This provides for more bandwith on the channel and gets you increased range. I am working local repeaters (800') from 30 miles with the rubber duck, and 50 miles with a mag mount on the truck. With 4 watts!
Sound quality is comparable to D-STAR, but without the squeals.
Radio quality is great and battery life excellent. It seems all the new SDR handhelds have great battery life (Wouxun, Baofeng, etc.).
Ease of use is also pretty good, though there is a learning curve. Once one realizes the "big picture" of how it works, it becomes intuitive.
Price, at $180 for hams, is excellent, especially when compared to D-STAR equipment, and $5 gets you a programming cable.
Overall, one of my best radio purchases ever. We are fortunate in my neck of the woods to have the NCPRN network in North Carolina and the SCHEART network in South Carolina, so I can operate over two states with an HT with few gaps in coverage.

Digital Mobile Radio has been around a few years, mostly as Motorolas Mototrbo systems, and offerings from Hytera. It is worldwide like D-STAR, but has become much more prolific in a short time.

In conclusion, if you have a DMR repeater in your area, it is worth checking out at this price point.

Links:   All about DMR    North Carolina DMR network   South Carolina linked systems   Great source for DMR radios


that sounds pretty fun,
thank you for the review


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