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so my FT-2900 started to not here things very well, and did it at about the 8 month old mark,
it finally got the the point where it could not here strong repeaters,
and I have been working to solve the issue for years now,
turns out a ceramic filter died,
it is a LTM450FW
looking on the web, quite a few people have had this issue with this ceramic filter.
they are pretty cheep to get a new filter, and possible to change
having just figured this out, I still have yet to order one, but will soon,

the easy way to tell what is going on is to turn the radio to narrow band,
it works just fine on narrow band.

so the real reason I post this is because if you have a radio start to die on receive from filters going bad,
and you really can't get new filters, 
try narrow band,
you might just be able to still use your radio,
and others can here you with lower audio if they are still set to wideband (like a repeater)

update on the filters,
I got the replacement filters from yaesu and they have a suffix on the part number that the original did not have
so I am guessing that they fixed the issue in the newer ones,

and the circuit board uses lead free solder,
to get my old desolder hardware (meant for leaded solder) to work I had to dilute the solder on the board with leaded solder to drop the melting point enough for things to work,
but after that it was not that hard at all.

Thanks for the update sir. Let us know how it works going forward..

tuns out that you can actually take the filter apart and clean it !
and you likely can modify your radio to get rid of the DC bias that causes the electromigration that kills the filters
keeping your radio dry might help lots, but just wait till you have no heater, and at least here things end up way more damp without the heat in the winter
my radio was in my damp car for the winter, and that is likely what took mine out.

who would have thought you could just take the filter apart and clean the metal off the edge of the ceramic with sand paper...
just something to keep in mind if you have a filter fail when you can't get another one
or check your schematics before you buy it,
my radios seem split half and half for if they have the issue designed in or not

and the radio still works fine, but now worried to use it much

I also have the ft2900
I like the radio, so I want to get spare parts in the event of needing them .
CF001 is   LTM450GW  part#H3900572
CF002  is   LTM450FW  part #H3900573

You mentioned an added suffix to the new part .
If you remember what that was ,I would be thankful for the knowledge .
If you do not remember I guess I could just call Yaesu .



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