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tech exam, woodland park CO


Rocky Mountain Low:
Passed my tech.

I used a combination of the "No Non-Sense Technician Study Guide" and a test question app for my smartphone.  Seemed to work like a charm. Not bad for about 16 hours study.

The Mountain Amateur Radio Club hosted the test at the Woodland Park CO library. The provided donuts and coffee for those of us testing. Free Chow! Class act from MARC's VEs and VEC.

Very cool that you got to experience the way it should be mentored by "elmers" that know why we need to keep this going. 

Welcome to the hobby.  If you have any questions,  feel free to ask, or tell us about your experiences.

congrats, they're the same group I did Tech and General and then Extra with, very nice people to talk to and they're glad people are still coming and taking tests


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