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--- Quote from: Quiet1 on December 02, 2015, 08:23:06 PM ---Grabbing this thread by the nose-ring and pulling it back on topic, may I humbly suggest PSK31?  I run it on a smartphone with a $3 app.  No interface hardware needed, just hold the mic to the phone's speaker and watch the power meter to keep things down around 25% of rated power so as not to smoke the finals.  This is about the least hardware of any digital mode until you get to CW.

--- End quote ---
PSK31 does seem to be about the best actual communication method past CW
I still can't learn how to whistle psk-31 or even copy it with out the computer, but I actually tried for a while...

also when the noise is very high on HF, HELL seems to cut through the noise quite well, even better than PSK31

I've tried numerous digital modes but one that has became my favorite is FSQcall.  Very easy to operate, works similar to packet because it has a few commands that makes it useful, will send and receive private messages, and also do image and fax.  No searching for the transmit key to click on, just type the message and hit the enter key and away it goes then returns to receive automatically once the message finishes.  Works fairly well for weal signal work and great for NVIS.  Check it out, and the software is free !  Find it at:

FSQcall looks good,

we need to start testing them all with a digital mode radio net


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