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The Current Extra exam expires in June of this year (2012) - SPREAD SPECTRUM 10w


If you are studying for your extra, get that upgrade soon or you may have to study for a whole new pool of questions.

BTW at least one of the answers is wrong but "acceptable". Make sure you get it right for practice but know the limit for on the air use.
You will not see it on the test but you will find it in many practice areas/sites.

E1F13: Has to do with max power for spread spectrum. It was 100 watts and is now 10 watts.
I repeat you will not see it on your test!

If you use spread spectrum the ARO (Amateur Radio Operators) can only use 10 watts now. There are 300 plus watts Amps for the 900MHZ band still legally for sale but not usable in the amateur environment.

The group of questions that have been removed  from the Extra Element 4 Pool Test (effective July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2012) are:


Get them right for the practice sites that score you but understand that they will not be on the exam.

Thanks for the update Sig. 

Thanks for letting me know.  I will have to take the tests soon.

Yea i am planning on starting to study here in the next few weeks.

I'll wait for the new extra question pool.  My old brain may take some time to process all of this information and I won't be ashamed to take the exam a couple of times before passing.

OTOH, I've looked over the current question pool and have few problems other than theory.

As soon as the new question pool is released I'll get a running start.  As a grandfathered Advanced class licensee I have a few more privileges beyond General, but I want 'em all!



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