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Howdy from Northeast Texas

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New to the site, old timer to radio (and everything else).  Background in radio thanks to Uncle Sam, circa 1959 - 1962, radioteletype operator, mostly using CW.  I finally got my General license in 1989, passed the 15 wpm with no sweat.  Been mostly inactive for the past 10 years or so, but have 2m and HF capability (except my TS430S won't talk anymore, probably bad capacitors).

Anyway, after reading all of the Going Home books, I finally joined the AA site and learned of this one.  So here I am.

Welcome aboard.  Hope your feet are still dry.

So far, so good on keeping the feet dry.  Harvey missed us altogether (whew!), but who knows what else lies in wait?

Welcome to the Site... You cn pick up a replacement board for the TRS-430 pretty Cheap on eBay these days....
Just have to figure out which board has the issue...

G'day and welcome.


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